MUSIC | Roma di Luna’s Alexei and Channy Moon Casselle excavate their roots underground at the U


The fifth season of the University of Minnesota’s “Making Music” series kicked off on Thursday night at the Coffman Union’s subterranean Whole Music Club. Local favorites Roma di Luna were the first band on tap for the innovative series that invites musical guests to speak in front of a live audience about their pasts, presents, and futures.

Roma are the husband-and-wife duo of Alexei Casselle and Channy Moon Casselle; the pair met while attending South High School, and dated off and on for years before getting married. The Casselles were interviewed by J.G. Everest, a local musician who also happens to occasionally back up Roma di Luna on bass.

Throughout the conversation Channy and Alexei showed the crowd photos of themselves as children, played old home videos, and even played clips of their favorite songs. The most charming of these were video of Channy as Rapunzel in a school musical and a sound clip of a very young Alexei singing a made-up song about birds and jellybeans. They also delved into their pasts without reservation, bringing up the struggles that each has dealt with to get to the point where they stand today.

It was no shock to learn that each of them were the offspring of musical families, but there were a few surprises in the mix as well: Alexei’s early fascination with movie soundtracks and Channy’s years spent teaching art in Cambodia. Perhaps the biggest revelation was that both are by nature shy and reserved, but have overcome those insecurities through performing music.

The “Making Music” series has two more events this fall, with Dillinger Four’s Erik Funk dropping by on November 5th and Doomtree producer Lazerbeak on November 19th. Both events are free and open to the public.

Jon Behm ( is a Minneapolis-based photographer and writer. While his specialty is music, Jon has a wide variety of interests that tend to take him all over the Twin Cities on a daily basis.

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