Music note: St. Paul writers’ group on RTX


With the rock band RTX (the letters stand for Rad Times Xpress) slated for a show at the 7th Street Entry on June 28, the band’s record label sent the Daily Planet a review copy of their latest album RaTX. We listened to a few of the tracks at a recent meeting of our St. Paul writers’ group.

“Western Exterminator”

Mark Weaver: I like it okay. It’s kind of like Jefferson Airplane.

Jeanette Fordyce: I was with it until the vocals came in. It’s good background music.

Mary Thoemke: I liked the beginning, but it’s not going anywhere.

“Black Bananas”

Lisa Peterson-de la Cueva: Sounds like the bands I heard at the Minneapolis May Day parade.

Mark: Some phase-shifter on the guitar there.

Mary: This is not really my kind of music.

James Sanna: Sounds like Def Leppard, mixed with some other 80s music.

Jeanette: This is very experimental.

Mary: This is not exactly the music of my generation. I liked the other song better.

“Dude Love”

Mark: This one sounds more like Mötley Crüe. I have a feeling their live show is really entertaining.

Lisa: [Shows Mary and Jeanette how to make the “rock on” hand symbol. All three wave their hands in the air.] Now, this is what citizen journalism is all about!