Music note: The Little Ones bring California sunshine to the Entry


On record, the Little Ones don’t have much to distinguish themselves from the rest of the alt-rock pack. Their new release, Morning Tide, bops gamely through Yo La Tengo’s happy-mode playbook. If a cut were to turn up on The Current, it wouldn’t cause you to turn the dial, but nor would it cause you to make a membership pledge.

In a live performance at the 7th Street Entry last Wednesday, though, the band’s muscle and range were apparent. A small but enthusiastic crowd jumped around as the band’s five members, visibly enjoying themselves, played their concise set highlighing material from Morning Tide. Frontmen Edward Nolan Reyes and Brian Reyes grinned as they belted the songs’ bright choruses in harmonies that have earned the L.A. band frequent comparisons to their Sushine State forebears the Beach Boys. Here’s hoping they come back to town sometime soon, touring behind an album that does justice to their live show.

Jay Gabler is the Daily Planet’s arts editor.