MUSIC | Miranda Cosgrove at the State Theatre: Super duper cheesy, but at least she can sing


Unfortunately, I forgot my phone when I attended the Greyson Chance/Miranda Cosgrove show at the State Theatre Tuesday night. This is mostly unfortunate because I was unable to tweet my distresses, observations and cringes to my followers. So here I’ll attempt to recap what would probably have been tweeted out, would I have had my phone:

#1: The kids all look like they’re going to a giant rave. Miranda Cosgrove is selling some crazy tri-color light saber that you spin around.

#2: The dads all look super bored.

#3 Ohhhhh it’s the kid that covered Lady Gaga on You Tube! (re: Greyson Chance)

#4 The moms are all wearing leather heeled boots, tight jeans, and drinking cocktails. Edina much?

#5 Hmmm. Greyson Chance’s new song is called something like “Unfriend You.” Are these kids even old enough to have Facebook?

#6 Greyson just asked the crowd to not video tape the new song or put it on You Tube. 100 people just pulled out their phones.

#7 The only press here is me & some dude from ‘CCO (according to security). I guess I really know how to pick ’em!

#8 OOPS! A little slip of the backing track/vocals on one of Greyson’s songs. You mean he’s not singing all 3 parts at once??

#9 This kid can totally play piano & sing like mad… wonder what happens when his voice changes? Peter Brady?

#10 I always wonder how the road bands feel when the focus is some young kid “made” by Disney. [Or, as the case may be, Nickelodeon.]

#11 You know there’s a problem when you find yourself contemplating purchasing a Miranda Cosgrove shirt because there’s a giant cupcake on it

#12 HA HA HA they have a piece of paper on stage with “Minneapolis” “Greyson Chance” “KWDB” written on it. What’s KWDB? #FAIL

#13 I think the girls in front of me are going to cry. I told them I didn’t know what iCarly was or any of Miranda Cosgrove’s songs.

#14 Ok, I told the stage hand the station letters were messed up & he fixed it. We don’t want Miss Cosgrove to embarrass herself!

#15 Oh boy oh boy the kids are screaming… and so is the adult creepy loner dude who just sat down alone in the front row!

#16 Miranda saunters on wearing a lovely silver sequined short (SHORT) skirt and a big ol’ Disney smile. The tweens go wild!

#17 The added vocals/effects are sort of annoying me. MORE REVERB!

#18 Her songs are super duper cheesy but at least she can sing. #MirandaCosgrove

#19 Miranda Cosgrove is now riding her two male dancers like a horse. #NOTaeuphemism

#20 OhMyGodSomeonePleaseHelpMe

#21 That last tweet was because Miranda Cosgrove & her backing singer just dueted to “Just A Girl” by No Doubt. NOOOOO!!

#22 Sadly, it’s after the third song and I must depart. Good kids, decent voices, definite talent.

Miranda Cosgrove marquee

Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance

Greyson Chance

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove

Miranda Cosgrove