MPS Parent Forum: School board candidate questions


The MPS Parents Forum has posed a number of questions to all school board candidates and then published their responses on the forum. Thanks to the MPS Parents Forum for agreeing that the TC Daily Planet may republish these responses. Click on each question to see the answers of all candidates to that question.

Question 1: This year’s school board election is the first that will elect board members largely by district,  while transitioning to the park board concept of 6 members elected by district and 3 at large.  In  addition, the 2010 census results will necessitate redistricting in order to balance population by  district.  What are the major challenges you will face as a potential Board member in the  transition from a 7- to a 9-member board, and what should be the Board’s role in the redistricting process during 2011?

Question 2: MPS owns a number of school and administrative buildings. Some school buildings are closed and for sale; others are being held in reserve.   Given all the interlocking factors, what decision do you think the Board should make about the future of MPS administration facilities, and how should this fit with an MPS master facilities plan?”

Question 3: As a Board Director, how do you see your role in understanding enrollment trends, attracting Minneapolis families with children to our schools, and revitalizing parent and community involvement in our schools and district?

Question 4: The School Board is charged with hiring the superintendent of the district.  What are 3-5 key goals for the superintendent that you will use to assess her performance and that of the district, and how will that be communicated to the public?

Question 5: Current School Board Directors have recently made public their concern for the unrelenting demands on their time and the strain of Board service for the little compensation offered. How much time do you anticipate spending in Board activities, how you will balance professional and family demands within that context, and how will your strengths contribute to a highly functional Board?