Mourning Marcus White


As we prepare to launch the second annual PEACE Games in North Minneapolis two weeks from today, we are deeply saddened to announce a vigil Sunday for yet another homicide victim in North Minneapolis.

Yesterday, just one block from the PEACE Foundation office on Broadway, a young man named Marcus White was shot and killed. This news is particularly devastating to me because Marcus was a PEACE Games youth worker last year, hired to recruit basketball teams and help run the Games. He was a diligent and committed worker who was trying to navigate a positive course for his future.

He talked to me about the challenge of standing up for a future in the midst of the chaos of the street and the lack of opportunities for a kid like him.
During the PEACE Games, when the competition finals for basketball were in jeopardy of being cancelled due to an incident that occurred after a semi-final game, Marcus was a vocal advocate that the games continue. At a
critical decision-making meeting of partners, Marcus pleaded, “I’ve worked
hard to make this happen. Please let us finish what we started. We need
something positive.” His voice was heard, the decision to continue was made, and we held the final games without incident. Though I didn’t know him well, his presence during the PEACE Games last summer had been a sign of hope to me.

Please join the PEACE Foundation and the Mad Dads in honoring the life of
Marcus White on Sunday, July 16, from 4pm to 6pm at West Broadway and Dupont Ave N. We will spend the first half-hour doorknocking in the area inviting residents to join us. I hope to see you there.

Michelle Martin is the director of the PEACE Foundation.