WEDNESDAY PICK | “Morvern Callar” takes a strange journey at the Walker Art Center


Though Lynne Ramsay’s 2002 film Morvern Callar is set during the holidays, it’s just as well that it’s not screening in December: there’s nothing very Christmasy about the lights of a tree illuminating a human corpse. That’s how the movie opens; we soon learn that the body belongs to the eponymous heroine’s boyfriend, who committed suicide and left the manuscript of a masterful novel for Morvern (Samantha Morton) to send to a publisher. Leaving her boyfriend’s body lying under the tree and going out to the pub is only the first of a number of unexpected decisions made by Morvern in a movie that will delight lovers of dream-like indie films but will frustrate viewers looking for a traditional plot. You know who you are.

Morvern Callar screens February 15 at the Walker Art Center as part of a series that includes the local premiere of Ramsay’s new film We Need to Talk About Kevin.