The morning after


Well, most of us have slept on the news that Martha Coakley lost Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to a nobody with an (R) after his name.

As ericf says in a decidedly Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy way, Don’t panic. The real Senate Democratic Conference is still at around 55 members, if you remove names like Lieberman, Nelson, Lincoln, and Baucus, who will take every chance they get to run away from their party rather than dancing with the ones who brung’em. That’s a far superior scenario to the alternative. And let’s face it, in a presidential year, in Massachusetts, trying to hold onto Ted Kennedy’s seat, Scott Brown is screwed as long as Massachusetts Dems don’t nominate a Coakley-esque political buffoon again (fool me once, etc).

The next move in the national dialog belongs to President Barack Obama. In case you haven’t heard, there’s this State of the Union thing, where the President basically gets the bully pulpit to himself for a night, and our President has a choice: does he continue trying to build bridges to nowhere, where the Party of No will bite the hand he offers him and America continues losing confidence in his abilities, or does he return to the ideas and positions that got him elected, clean house in the West Wing, and make America believe again?

Those two paths have names: Jimmy Carter and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Choose wisely, Mr. President.