More Reviews for “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”


by Matthew A. Everett • August 10, 2008 • “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag” has closed up shop, but the reviews from the audience keep coming in. 2 more that were happy with us, another not so much. But it’s interesting to read through people’s reactions. So keep ’em coming. If you saw our closing performance last night, we’d love to hear from you. Audience reviews make good fodder for future publicity materials so we welcome your feedback, even though the show’s run is done.

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Right now, we’re in a three-way tie with Fotis and Robin Hood (now there’s an unusual trio), for seventh place among the list of most-reviewed shows. Not bad for a couple of little plays in a sea of 155 other productions out there. It’s nice that people feel moved to type something up about the experience – positive or negative (I fear indifference more than negativity, most days).

Thanks to the reviewers, and the audiences in general, that made this such a great experience for all of us involved in the production. It was a good run largely because of all of you.

The latest…

Well Played!

Matthew A. Everett + Anne Bertram + the clever direction by William T. Leaf + an outrageously talented cast = an amazing show! I saw this show twice. – 5 kitties – Krista J. van Eps

Uncomfortably well done!

So yes, I must admit I was a little uncomfortable watching the first scene, “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon”. Not because of the content, but because the performances of Buddy Haardt and Sasha Andreev were so real that you could feel their characters’ discomfort, awkwardness, and need throughout the room. VERY well acted and the script was great. Joe Bombard was my favorite part of “Dog Tag” as the dog, Percy. This scene is just so… cute – in a good way. Stellar performances and writing. I can’t get over how well crafted the scripts are. Matthew Everett and Anne Bertram do not disappoint. I’m looking out for these scenes to go to colleges and other festivals in the future. Go see this show! – 5 kitties – Greg Hammond

Stage imagery?

These two short plays (while they have interesting premises) by Matthew Everett and Anne Bertram both were incredibly predictable. The actors did what they could with the script and Leaf’s staging, but neither of these works produced very interesting stage pictures. Bronze Bitch – (Everett) The stakes of this piece felt like watching a highly sexualized high school debate which had not much subtext. I felt that the arc of this piece went no where. At times the show peaked during the intense sexual chemistry of the two actors, but the script left them no room to breathe. The metaphors were blatant – the chem lab easily translates into a metaphor about the experimentation of the two young men, yet one of the characters has to tell us this. Don’t underestimate the intelligence of your audience. Dog Tag – (Bertram & Everett) The piece was a scene that also goes no where. The dog bit was interesting to watch, but all we saw was a brief glimpse into the lives of these young men. The conflict was barely there. I would call this piece more of a tableau except for the movement of the dog. Together I give the pieces a 2 out of 5. – 2 kitties – Cody Stewart

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