More Reviews for “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”


by Matthew A. Everett • August 7, 2008 • We’ve got one last day off before our final performance of “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag,” and a few more audience members weighed in with their opinons…

Still holding strong at 4-1/2 out of 5 kitties with 32 reviews posted

It was split decision from this latest bunch however, as you’ll see…

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Top Notch

Extremely well crafted and well acted plays! Blond Bitch displays excellent and thoughtful dialog exploring the natures of sex and friendship. Dog Tag follows as a nice comedic foil showcasing Joe Bombard’s wonderful skills in creating the character of Percy the dog. All three actors gave stellar performances. A “must see”! – 5 kitties – Robert Kovarik

Exceeds Excellence!

I already had high expectations walking into this show knowing that Matthew Everett was the writer, along with Anne Bertram. I walked out of the show more than impressed. Not only is the story well written, and intelligently constructed but the actors themselves are outstanding. All three actors show immense skill and talent, but who is undoubtedly unforgettable is Buddy Haardt. In both shows Haardt is a master of subtlety. I could not find a dishonest moment through out the show portrayed by any of the actors, but Haardt’s essence within itself draws me to him. While I loved Joe Bombardâs performance, it seemed that at times he outshined the other actors. Bombard has an energy that he brought to both characters that made it impossible to look away. Sasha Andreev completely owns both of his roles, and I believe him the whole way through. Not once during either show was I at all confused by any of the characterâs intentions. I give this show Five Kitties and insist on everyone seeing it! – 5 kitties – Rubenstein, Madison E

Beautifully written!

Both plays were beautifully written. They were sensitive, intimate, funny and poignant. Matthew Everett and Anne Bertram are both wonderful playwrights. The acting was skillfully executed by Sasha Andreev,Joe Bombard and Buddy Haardt with very good direction by William Leaf. Great venue. Don’t miss these! – 5 kitties – Tom Emmott

Pretty darn awesome

I really liked these shows! The writing was clever, touching and funny. The 3 guys did a great job- but I have to give Joe crazy mad props for acting just like my chocolate lab- SO cute! My only complaint was that I would have loved both plays to be longer, especially the second. – 4 kitties – Christine Nelson


For the first half of the show i would say i enjoyed it but there was a lot of diolouge and not a whole lot of action. the most physical part is when the boys are almost caught and jump behind a desk. i just wished for something more than pacing around. the second half was too much like the first half, story wise that is. the dog, played by Bombard, was the most interesting characater because it went through different emotions. everyone kept the same. i would say i liked the show, but not loved it. – 3 kitties – Taylor Marshall-Miernicki

Not sure….

I liked the second scene better than the first, but I’m not sure if I’d recommend catching this. Both stories seemed rather open ended and I found myself not really caring about the characters, except the dog. – 3 kitties – re gurgitate


We’ve got one final performance before we close up shop

Tomorrow night, Saturday, August 9th at 8:30pm

Thanks to all who’ve attended so far, and shared your comments, both online and off. If you haven’t seen us yet, there’s still one more chance. Hope to see you there.

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