More Reviews for “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag”


by Matthew A. Everett • August 7, 2008 • We had a bit of an audience review explosion after last night’s performance of “The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag.” Ten more audience members weighed in, which is very exciting…

Still holding fast at 4-1/2 kitties overall after 26 reviews…

The Fringe site did some updating, and now the latest reviews appear at the top of the page, so you can easily see the most recent comments…

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Fantastic writing! Fantastic actors! I left with all my entertainment needs fulfilled. In “Bronze Bitch”, the story flowed, and the expertise of the actors along with the intimacy of the venue made me feel like I was right there! – 5 kitties – John-Mark Hostetler

Rollercoaster of…love?

The tension, emotion and chemistry in “Bronze Bitch” was genuine and visceral. The characters’ anxiety was so palpable that when the lights came up, I found my program torn to pieces and no memory of doing it. Mercifully, “Dog Tag” gives you a chance to relax with a very funny and very clever performance from Joe Bombard. Very well done, indeed! – 5 kitties – Charlie Hansen

solo date night

I went to see the two scenes not know what to expect, as I am no master of these sorts of things. I was pleasantly suprised by the smooth performances of both actors… it was believable in a make believe world. I thought each character played and fit their roles very well, and the subject matter was serious sprinkled with tender and humorous moments. I loved how upfront with (some of ) the realities of homosexuality the first scene was. You could feel that they felt naked standing there which gave the scene that edge of a real moment. The second was very cute. The dog was great as were the other two guys… you could feel the longing, hesitation. All in all im glad I took time out to see the performance. – 4 kitties – jesse maple


Two great, short performances by three outstanding actors. It’s one of those shows where you can actually feel the awkwardness the characters are experiencing …because you forget they’re acting! It doesn’t hurt that they’re all three really easy on the eyes! See. It. Today. – 5 kitties – Alex Klute

5 Kitties for this ‘Bitch’

It isn’t often you see a Fringe show with writing that is equal parts subtle, witty, and sexy. And you never get such a consistently talented cast with such amazing chemistry. I didn’t see a single moment that felt forced, and oh my god–I loved Joe Bombard’s dog! He physically threw himself into the role and I couldn’t take my eyes off him! Congrats to all on an honest and lovely show. I only wish it could have gone on longer. – 5 kitties – Kara Greshwalk

I felt like an eavesdropper!

That’s how convincing the acting was – I was almost ashemed to be listening in on other people’s fears and hopes and deepest feelings. Andreev and Haardt’s timing and expression were that realistic. And Bombard’s Percy-the-Dog stole that show. He really had the canone moves down. My only criticism is that I would have cast the two leads in opposite roles in “Bitch”. To my taste, Haardt seems nearer the frat-boy and Andreev the nerd. – 5 kitties – Bill Teska

Gay Minatures

It’s always a humanitarian pleasure to see gay characters portrayed in a non-stereotypical manner. Both shorts succeeded completely in bringing humor, emotion & creativity to the foreground. Well acted. Kudos to Everett & Bertram. – 4 kitties – dixie treichel

Bittersweet and heart tugging

Bronze Bitch Flies at Noon tugged at parts of my heart I had forgot about. It is such an excellent interpretation of those first real feelings and real connections to sexuality. Dog Tag was absolutely, without a doubt stolen by Joe Bombard’s canine character “Percy”. I do wish that it had developed further. I wanted to know more about Ed and Paul. I wanted to know the back story and the future story. Like all truly great story telling, it left me wanting more of everything. – 5 kitties – Amelia Miller

Poignant and Hilarious

Touching story, brilliantly acted, directed well in the arena space. Story includes all the awkwardness that the situation presents, portrayed very honestly by the cast. Fantastic! – 5 kitties – Gretchen Page

I wanted more!

This was great! Really well written and really well performed… one kitty less because I we could have made the first one longer and lost the second one… they were both good… but the first was so much better. – 4 kitties – Reier Erickson


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The Bronze Bitch Flies At Noon” and “Dog Tag

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