More big cuts for Cambridge Isanti school district


Cambridge Isanti school district recently approved another $1.1 million in cuts for the next school year. That is equivalent to up to four full time positions, or 24 hours per day in staffing.

This is also only the first round of cuts (totaling $1,134,953) and more cuts are expected to take place in the school board meeting on April 23. A four-day school week has also been considered in order to save expenses in bus routes and electricity.

Bruce Novak, District 911 superintendent, said, “Every reduction we make impacts the classroom.” Preperations for the news was laid last November when it became known that cuts had to be made due to state funding.

Dan Fosse, a member of the Cambridge Isanti school board said “We must find ways to save money to keep from making budget reductions.” Even the projected million in cuts might not be enough in the long run.

Despite the proposed cuts, a number of district projects will continue. A $494,200 bid was just accepted for remodeling work at the Cambridge-Isanti education center to improve the ventilation system and make the building safer for any employees or visitors. Another bid is still out for repairing the high school parking lot.

Novak continues to stress the need for a long-term budget plan, pointing out that it becomes increasingly difficult to make cuts over time, because they put growing pressure on remaining staff. For more information on how the cuts will effect each building go to

_Julie Ann Immel is enrolled at Anoka-Ramsey Community College_