More Africans predicted to run in the upcoming state elections


It is going to be a historic election for the State in general and for the African community in particular to see many of their fellow community members who are entering these races in a record number. Some of these candidates include Peter Idusogie, Hussein Samater and Mohamoud Wardere. 

Peter Idusogie, energetic & outspoken, British born Nigerian, is eying on the Governor’s seat. Peter is already campaigning  widely all over the State. In the past few weeks, he has been seen in almost all the Somali Malls in South Minneapolis, attended Liberian functions, met MIND (Minnesota Institute of Nigerian Development) members, spotted at the 1st Cup Café last Friday night where he spoke in front of a large East African Coffee sippers, and most important of all, he came out win DFL’s first March 18 debate.

Hussein Samater, Executive Director of the African Development Center (ADC), is expected to run for a Minneapolis school board, reportedly the 3rd district. He is a long time activist for community development and he will be a formidable challenge to anyone who is running against him. Somali born American, former banker turned community developer is expected to come out win in this election.  

When we first recieved unconfirmed reports from Samater’s camp a year or so ago that he set up preparatory committee, we knew it was a matter of time when he will enter the eleciton arena. Hussein finally declares his candidacy sorrounded by supporters and other member of the community calls for the better days ahead for the Minneapolis School Board.  Samater promises using his experiences he gained in the past few years serving different board and commissions that he will work tirelessly for district 3.

Mohamoud Wardheere, probably the most experienced for elections, told me last year that  he will enter the race in this upcoming election. I asked him, a Faribault  mayor jokingly? (his residence at that time), no, he said smiling, this time will be different position. Wardheere entered into political scene when he first run for a Minneapolis Mayor few years earlier.
He declares to run for a congress in the second district seat where is now occupied by a fellow republican,  John kline. 

After all said and done, after this election becomes the thing in the past, and these gentlemen granted their wishes, it will be historic achievement for the African community in the State