More than 200 attend Kingfield schools forum


Over 200 MPS parents attended a meeting at Bethlehem Lutheran Church on March 23 to talk about how MPS enrollment policy changes might impact schools in the Kingfield area. MCTC student and MTN Intern Tim Pittenger taped the meeting — watch it here.

Community Meeting with Minneapolis Public School officials Part 1

Community Meeting with Minneapolis Public School officials Part 2

Community Meeting with Minneapolis Public School officials Part 3

Pre-meeting agenda

F2 Open Area Conversation with the District

March 23, 2009 7-9pm Bethlehem Lutheran Church

Hosted by, Sarah Linnes-Robinson, KFNA Executive Director

Premise: K-8 students in Open Area F2 attend 31 different schools. Each school is gathering their community to advocate for their own positions. Many F2 families support their school¹s positions, yet also see in this time of change, that there is a need for F2 to explore what may be best for our community in the long-term. Kingfield Neighborhood Association (KFNA) provides a forum to bring neighbors together to discuss community concerns and plans whether externally imposed and/or internally identified, and supports emerging leadership to develop their voice on community, including schools choice, issues.

Jackie Turner is presenting on behalf of the District. Jackie is the Director of Student Placement and The Office of Family Involvement.

Some of the power point used for the ³Changing School Options² meetings will be used to clarify and illustrate information.

Goal: We want to get all of your questions answered and will also go through the FAQ for F2 that was posted on the blog. Please hold your questions until after the presentation. We want to hear from the District how we can help them make a decision about F2 families that works for the District and for us. Let me be clear, this is a conversation with the District, not at the District, nor from the District at us.

To clarify the role of KFNA in this process, the neighborhood association has not taken a stance on this issue. We are supporting residents in finding answers to their questions. Over 10 years ago in the creation of the NRP plan the board and community did support, as a policy statement, the creation of a community school WITHIN Kingfield. The KFNA Board has not revisited that decision in light the current proposed changes.

There are passionate viewpoints so we are offering ground rules and ask that you follow them.
1. Listen
2. Wait to speak
3. Give your name and the school your children attend
4. Be respectful and limit the length of your comments so that everyone gets a chance to speak