Monday night Fringe!


by Kate Hoff • August 5, 2008 • My lingering Fringe fatigue seems to have settled in my chest, leading me to believe that I might be a little sick in addition to tired. Best to go slow, sleep all afternoon, bolster my immune system with Polish food and Summit, and proceed cautiously forward.

Full Frontal Fringe is the blog of Kate Hoff, one of five bloggers covering the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the Daily Planet.

We Live Like This presented by Bombastic Productions at Jeune Lune. Kaleena Miller is an extraordinary tap dancer, and Ned Sturgis is, well, exquisite (oh, and he dances, too, in the modern vein). This show is comprised of seven pieces choreographed by Kaleena and Ned, performed in various configurations that always include at least one of them, sometimes joined by additional accomplished dancers. Kaleena and Ned are easily the stars of the show. Awesome, awesome…this is an amazing dance selection.

Revived by the excellent performance, I decided I could tempt fate and try for another show, as death didn’t seem imminent…headed over to Musical the Musical! presented by Urban Samurai Productions at U of M Rarig Proscenium. The perfect musical for people who hate musicals, Musical the Musical is a trashy (read: really trashy) romp that leaves no slur or stereotype unexploited. A delicious parody – I thought it was shocking and damn near perfect.

Kate Hoff is a fundraiser, printmaker, and alternative-theater denizen. Her prints were included in the Visible Fringe show in 2004—also the year she began blogging about the festival. A few years, countless blog entries, and a hundred-some Fringe shows later, Kate joined the Fringe board in early 2008. The views expressed here are hers alone and do not represent the official position of the Fringe (unless noted).