Mom’s on the way


by Matthew A. Everett • July 28, 2008 • Yes, the “and Mom” of the title of my blog is enroute. She’s already got her first day of driving behind her – yes, she’s driving all the way from Pennsylvania just to see the Fringe (and me, and my show, of course, among many others). She’s staying in Ohio with friends tonight, then Madison, Wisconsin tomorrow, and then she’ll be here. Just in time for the out of towner showcase over at Bedlam.

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I’m already exhausted and she’s not even here yet. Best get our schedule in order.

Entering his sixth year of blogging about the Minnesota Fringe Festival (and bringing Mom along for the ride as a guest reviewer), Matthew A. Everett is also a local playwright and three-time recipient of grant support from the Minnesota State Arts Board. Information on Matthew and his plays can be found at