Momma’s Man



Director: Azazel Jacobs

Writer/director Azazel Jacobs, son of avante garde filmmaker Ken Jacobs Momma’s Man strikes a chord with anyone who’s ever been anxious about returning to the family nest after years away from home.

But what if, once you returned home, you didn’t want to leave? Momma’s Man begins when thirty-something Mikey (Matt Boren) in an existential crisis, returns to his aging parents’ place in New York after deciding not to get on the plane to go home to his wife and small child in Los Angeles. Unsure of what to next, Mikey is happy to procrastinate at home with his mother, who’s just happy to have him home, while his father sees right through him. Jacobs story is an intimate one as well; he cast his own parents and shot the film — wryly comic, sometimes heartbreaking — in their New York apartment, still ungentrified, where he grew up.


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