Molly Ivins: Gone but not Forgotten


Molly Ivins was a Texan, which means she had little to do with Minnesota … except that the things she wrote about were often the same ones on many Minnesotans’ minds: social justice, peace, stupidity in government, corruption in government. For this she was branded a “liberal” — a tag she embraced.

Molly in some ways was to Texas as Jim Klobuchar and Garrison Keillor are to Minnesota. She told the truth, but in an entertaining and funny way. Her writing was like being hit on your funny bone: You wanted to laugh and cry at the same time — laugh about the way she phrased things, cry about the plight of our country, especially in the last six years.

Molly was only 62; she had a lot of writing and storytelling still ahead of her. Yet cancer ended her life here on earth. Why? Maybe Heaven wanted her a little early. Everyone needs to laugh, even the saints and angels.

It’s hard to believe Molly will want to remain cooped up there for too long. I can see her coming down to spread her angel dust of wicked humor among young journalists-to-be, inspiring them to never give up exposing the truth and bringing accountability to our leaders and institutions.

Molly, up here in Minnesota we hardly knew ya. But we’ll miss ya, doggone it! I’d say, “Rest in peace,” but I know you can’t do that. For as long as there’s a corrupt politician in office or a government or business institution that’s scamming the public, I know you’ll want to be there giving them the screws.

And for that I want to thank you.


Actually, Molly did have a connection with Minnesota, and it’s Minnesota that may have helped nurture her brand of progressive populism, for one of her first jobs in journalism was with the Minneapolis Tribune in the 1960s. See NPR’s “Treasuring the Wit and Wisdom of Molly Ivins” for more.