Modes of Disclosure


The staff photo on Form + Content’s website shows a dozen smiling faces wearing head-to-toe black, but the creative forces behind the gallery are all about diversity. Their latest exhibition showcases GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) artists all across North America from cities such as Vancouver, New York and, of course, Minneapolis.

July 5–Aug. 9
Form + Content Gallery
210 N 2nd St.
Free. 436-1151

The art is edgy and provocative, with a wide range of styles. Ford Allen, an artist from Los Angeles, printed the words “Less is gay,” and “More is lesbian,” on two denim canvases; in a piece called “Hanky Project,” Moorhead’s Chris Walla embroidered suggestive shapes on brightly colored bandanas; –, who hails from Toronto, created his art via computer in a project termed “trans.genred.anagram.” From photography to film, the exhibit takes a fresh look at sexuality through the works of artists who aren’t afraid to stand out.

Reach Mary O’Regan at or 436-5088.