MnKnows – and you will too if you learn to use the tool


In an earlier era, when time and finances were in greater supply, Minitex, a multi-state network with national and global links, put on a great show at the Minnesota State Fair – a well-staffed welcome to Minnesota’s libraries of every sort. Today, as information and communications technology redefine the profile of libraries in general and of every library as a local portal to ever-expanding resources in myriad formats, Minitex shares its tools, strategies and expertise in new-fashioned ways.

For starts, Minitex is promoting a “dig deeper @ your library” tool that starts with MnKnows. Tackle your information excavation by digging with this indispensable tool tidily encapsulated on a handy bookmark. The mine opens to reveal these treasures:

  • The MnLINK Gateway where you can place requests for materials – books and a whole lot more delivered to your local library and access to electronic books and journals online.

  • ELMS, the Electronic Library for Minnesota, an essential guide to online articles and electronic books – try it before you get lost in the everyday search engines.

  • Minnesota Reflections, a treasure trove of photos, documents and maps related to Minnesota history

  • AskMN where you’ll find real-time answers from a real live librarian available 24/7.

  • Research Project Calculator – a planned approach and a persistent reminder that, whatever the task, there is an approach that involves planning, persistence and an occasional prod from the deadline watcher.