MN VIDEOS | White Bear Lake man discovers the meaning of life


White Bear Lake author John P. Lynch is nothing if not immodest: the press release for his new online “book” Extreme Thinking (A Theory of Everything) says that the book “literally covers everything.” What does he mean by extreme? “It is EXTREME because the THINKING is like snowboarding a McTwist.”

The “book” presents itself as a metaphysical treatise arguing for a “Terran” worldview that emphasizes our existence as physical beings and dismisses the existence of any supernatural powers. “Idealism and spirituality,” writes Lynch, “both fall to your own body’s physical need to live, breathe, eat, drink, piss, shit, sleep, fuck, feel pain and die.”

In this video, Lynch explains “The Meaning of Life,” which turns out to be…well, watch and see for yourself. If you dig Lynch’s vibe, you can send a donation to “unite the humans of Terra into a world community of nodes, cantons and regions.”