MN VIDEOS | Getting a job at Cookie Cart


The young people who are a part of Cookie Cart’s employment and training program put together this video to share their experience in learning about the world of work.

This video was written and produce by the following young people:

Song makers
Jakari Brookins
Steven Chambers
Antonio Williams
Olajuwon McDuffie
Curtis Nelson

Youth in the video
Pha Her
Dominique Betts
Samantha Yang
Cleveland Miller
Ying Yang
Sarah Yang
Emerie Fuller
Dominique Nelson
Jaricka Tolliver
Eboni Nelson

A special thanks to Ms. Richardson for her acting and guidance skills and Kyle Norell for his unwavering devotion to the youth at Cookie Cart.

The lyrics for our song:

Baking Bright Futures
On the basketball court
Playing ball on the court, just me and some friends, steady thinking to myself, man I gotta win. Because I don’t wanna risk losing again, and walking away looking lame. My momma steady tripin, she says I need a job, so I asked my friend where do I look, Cookie Cart he said and one shot was all it took.

Ist time at Cookie Cart
A, can I get an application? What’s suuuupppp! Well first you got to pull your pants up, oh my bad I didn’t know, well you should have checked before your came through the door with your pants on floor, looking like your four. Well imma give you a tip on the low, if you want the job then you gotta act like a pro. Well I’m trying to work on it can you help me Joe. Well, my name is Curtis, no need to be nervous, and your name is Sir?

The interview with Ms. Richardson
Need a first job? No worries,
You want to make some money but you can’t be in a hurry.
Workplace skills we will teach you, our #1 goal is to reach you
At Cookie Cart you will earn as you learn, that life is all about balance!
Experience teamwork & demonstrate leadership
And when you taste our chocolate chips they will make you do a dip!
Yes we have so much to offer, Plus Rookies Love Cookies!
So, listen up young man, there will be a lot to manage
So tell me, are you ready for the Cookie Cart challenge?

Working in the bakery
By Steven Chambers

Stop what you’re doing; acting all foolish, this is not a game, no hooping, we’re scooping. You joined the movement, and now it’s time to start improving. Gotta be a winner, can’t stick to loosing. Work hard, play smart that’s how you do it. If you’re not doing that, then you’re doing wrong, I hope you get my message by the end of this song. Baking brighter futures, it’s a place we call home. Get the job done, rather than postpone, we’re fresh without cologne , go hard without stone, bad to the bone, I said, bad to the bone. Baking bright futures is the place we call home.

Coaching the rookie
By Antonio Williams

Come here, let me give you some advice, before you act, I think you should think twice. It aint cool, and what you doing aint right. So stay focused and just does right. It all right from time to time for you to play, but you just started, literally today!

Class time with the peers
By Olajuwon McDuffie

Everyday it’s the same kid, acting up when the bosses leave. So I gave him a little advice, and he decided that I was right; Cookie Cart has been encouraging teens, ever since Sister Jean. Trying to show them that its easier being nice than being mean. Trying to some them that it’s easier being prepared than unaware. Trying to show them that it starts off blurry blurry, but sooner or later it comes clear. If you’re looking for a learning job, best believe we do it here!