MN Short Docs


A collection of true life stories which depict journeys of the mind, heart, body and soul.

The story of one man’s journey to build a flying machine in the most difficult of times with the most unlikeliest materials.

Director Jesse Roesler finds humans fanscinating and fantastic, so naturally he likes making movies about them. He has directed a handful of short documentaries, narratives and music videos. Jen Larson’s (co- director) intuitive interviewing and fresh writing bring alive characters, causes and campaigns. She loves to use words to spark, surprise, and reveal.

Diego takes a trip to the land of his birth and learns some family magic.

Director Diego Luke is a 9-year-old 4th grade student at Expo Elementary in St. Paul. He plays hockey, soccer and football. He’s an only child with 2 brothers in Georgia, 1 brother in California and a brother and sister in Guatemala.

How do people adorn their surroundings? My friend John cast a pair of life-size bronze statues in his garage.

Director Paul Bernhardt makes educational videos at the University of Minnesota and teaches Editing with Final Cut Pro at Independent Feature Project. He has directed, shot,edited and scored his own and others’ work.

The story of Bill Ehling, a World War II combat veteran who fought in the European theater.

Director Matt Ehling is a producer, cinematographer, and writer who works in both television and radio. His original documentary programs have aired on PBS, the IFC Channel, and the Bravo Channel. Matt is Bill Ehling’s grandson.

Carl Bentson has a great bike and a great attitude about life. His favorite word is “Yeah.” This documentary will make you feel great. Yeah.

Co-Director Emily Rumsey founded and owns Trilobyte Pictures, a production company dedicated to documenting non-profit organizations. She has a B.A. from UW-Madison and currently lives in St. Paul. Co-Director Mike Hazard is artist in residence at The Center for International Education. He earns a living working as a video artist in the schools and lives a good life making biographical documentaries.


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