FREE SPEECH ZONE | Miracle on 31st Street!


New Wine Church, Twin Cities ( is now the new owner of the church building on 810 31st Street West, Minneapolis. This comes as a fulfillment of a prophetic word faithfully nurtured. The culmination of a vision carefully guarded. Senior Pastor Tony Oliha who spearheaded a six-month fundraising campaign to purchase this new property humbly asserts that given the current economic situation, only God could have made this possible. Indeed for New Wine Church a miracle happened on 31st Street on the 31st of March 2009.

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Established in Minnesota in March 1997, New Wine Church held her first inaugural service at the Sabathani Community Center in Minneapolis on July 27th, 1997. Pastor Tony Oliha started the interdenominational church, which later found a new home in St. Paul by University Avenue and Highway 280. Pastor Tony was a founding member of New Wine Church, London where he and his family resided before relocating to Minnesota.

For New Wine Church this is not only an opportunity to return to their birthplace but also an opportunity to further their mission of discipling people to discover, develop and deploy the gifts, treasures and potentials that God has placed within them for His own glory. New Wine Church is organized into ministries that are tailored to meet the diverse and ever changing needs of the congregation and community. These include celebration, compassion, organization, restoration, transformation and impartation ministries.

Built in 1923 the church building sits on 25000 sq. feet on 31st Street and Aldrich Ave South in Minneapolis. It is an impressive classical design complete with glass, steel and concrete ensemble that boldly denote the architectural tradition of the early twentieth century. It was previously owned by Lyndale United Church of Christ who sold it to New Wine Church. Lyndale United Church of Christ will now move to a nearby sanctuary.

Every step in New Wine Church’s history has been a step of faith. Pastor Tony took a step of faith when he shared the vision of expansion with his congregation. He called on everyone to step up, as the harvest (biblical reference) was ready. That call led to the acquisition of the new home on March 31st, 2009. The call to walk by faith does not stop here. It will take faith for the church to step up to this new calling, acclimate to their new neighborhood and exercise good stewardship of their new home.

As New Wine Church embarks into restoring, renovating and upgrading the building there is an overwhelming feeling of gratitude and enthusiasm. Gratitude to God for His faithfulness and to the Pastor and congregation of Lyndale United Church of Christ for their cooperation in transferring ownership of their home of many years to New Wine Church. They are also grateful to all who supported this vision. It is anticipated that New Wine Church will have their first worship service at their new home this summer. New Wine Church looks forward to an exciting time in ministry in the months and years to come.