Minnesota’s General Education Development Diploma


We all know opportunities for higher education and job attainment are key reasons for obtaining a high school diploma. But a recent Star Tribune article pointed out that attending school, let alone attaining a high school diploma, may not be so simple for new immigrants or individuals facing socioeconomic barriers.

For some, the opportunity to earn a State of Minnesota General Education Development Diploma (GED) might be the alternate gateway to success. Smart public policy is giving many Minnesota residents hope to accomplish that goal.

Residents who meet the GED requirements will qualify for free GED preparation assistance through the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program administered through the Minnesota Department of Education. The Star Tribune notes the accessibility and benefits of this program, which include 400 ABE centers statewide and one-on-one tutoring. ABE receives state and federal funding, as well as grant money needed to provided program services.

Additionally, residents facing time and transportation constraints may access GED-i, an online instructional program. This provides another way for individuals who find it difficult to complete their high school diploma due to competing commitments to do so.

The GED offers Minnesota residents an alternative and realistic chance to achieve academic success and access to promising opportunities. It’s important for our state’s economic future that anyone without a high school diploma knows these ladders are available to help them attain necessary skills for a good job.