Minnesotans willing to pay for quality services


by Nora Ferrell | September 10, 2009 • Despite staggering revenue problems at the state level, some elected officials may have you believe that Minnesotans are against tax increases at every turn. A recent poll conducted for the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce tells a different story.

The poll found that a majority of Minnesotans are willing to pay more in taxes for improvements in specific services such as education and long-term care. (More noteworthy findings from the poll can be found on MPR’s Polinaut.)

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The Marshall Independent opinion page weighed in on the poll with some sound words of advice for elected officials:

“Minnesotans aren’t quite as adverse to an increase in taxes as some may believe, but they also want better results from what’s collected.

Legislators and local government officials should consider such thoughts during the upcoming budget work and state legislative session.”