Minnesotans inspired by Wall St. protests plan to occupy Minneapolis site Friday


Minnesotans sympathetic to Wall Street protests that are stretching into their third week are planning their own occupation Friday.

Protesters are planning to rechristen the target, Hennepin County Government Plaza in Minneapolis, as “The People’s Plaza,” according to the group’s website.

The Minnesota group is just the most recent sparked by Wall Street protests in New York, where over 700 people were arrested this weekend. The protests have spread to other North American cities like Albuquerque, N.M., Boston, Mass., and Toronto, Canada.

An organizer told the Star Tribune that the group is ”trying to be transparent, because we want to be totally nonviolent.” He said he wants everyone to be able to get involved in the protest. Organizing is being discussed on Twitter and Facebook. One thread announces outreach efforts at local unions, with Facebook followers chiming in to mention their own union connections.

The Star Tribune reports that members of the group have spoken to police about their plans: “It is not illegal to spend the night in public parks or plazas,” a police spokesman said, warning that the presence of protesters would only become an issue if they caused disturbances or blocked access.

The group is holding a “general assembly” in Stevens Square Park Monday evening to organize the action.

OccupyMN’s Facebook page has already gathered almost 2,000 supporters. They’re also raising money on the internet site WePay.com, and had already raised almost $600 by Monday morning.

“It is time to establish a new system that values people over profits,” a statement on the group’s website reads. “We are the 99% and we are moving to reclaim our mortgaged future.”