Minnesotan running for Somalia’s Prime Minister post


Longtime St. Paul resident Abdurahman Ali Osman says that he is the most qualified candidate for the position to become Somalia’s next Prime Minister.

The position was resigned by Ali M. Ghedi, the Transitional Goverment’s first Prime Minister, after years of disputes & disagreements between him & the TFG President Abdullahi Yusuf. “Somalian politics in this day and age needs a unifier, I am someone who can bring all sides together, we need a political reconciliator, nothing else, no regional, clan or other difference among us” 49 years old Osman said, who visited us to our St. Paul office this morning.

Hinting one of the reasons former PM left the job as the deteriorating relationship with the president, Osman said that he knows Abdulahi Yusuf very well , the current TNG President and worked with him in the past few years beginning from the National Reconciliation Conference in Kenya that gave birth to the TFG in 2004 to present.

He also held different positions in the TNG including Chairman of the Promotion of Foreign Investments & Political advisor to the PM.

Osman graduated from the State University of Sacramento, California in 1992 with degree of Political Science specializing International Relations. He then joined UNISOM during the American led “Operation Restore Hope” during 1993 -95. His main activities during those years was small businesses development particularly in the banking & telecom industry.

Osman’s lobbies paid off after a Malaysian bank agreed to open commercial bank in a city that yet achieved sound stability.

He said that: in addition to the local support, Osman has a longstanding friendship with foreign governments & diplomatic circles especially U.S. and wants to work to strengthen the relationship between Mogadishu & Washington.