Minnesota Secretary of State’s new site, “My Ballot,” will provide voters with more specific ballot information


Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie announced a new online tool Tuesday that will provide voters with more ballot information before Election Day.

Ritchie revealed the online tool, My Ballot, at a press conference, and it’s available on his office’s website. Ritchie said the tool is a one-stop guide for voters who want to know more information about the candidates on their ballot.

In the past, voters have been able to use the website to find polling places, check voter registration and track absentee ballots.

“My Ballot steps it up a little bit,” said John Kavanagh, spokesman for the Secretary of State.

Ritchie said the tool will encourage all counties to get sample ballots in on time in order to get their information out to voters as quickly as

Kavanagh said voters can now enter an address and find the candidates and questions that will appear on the ballot specific to that location. In addition, My Ballot includes links to other websites that provide more information on candidates and ballot questions.

“Our goal is to create the most informed voter as possible,” Kavanagh said.