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Throughout time, obesity has increased in Minnesota, especially because of all the advancements in technology that has made our lives easier. People don’t know how to physically spend their time. In my first year of high school, I learned a lot of important information about practicing a healthy lifestyle. I learned about obesity prevention, staying healthy, and resisting the diseases that you can get from being obese.

Minneapolis schools are helping to reduce obesity rates by requiring students to take two semesters of health classes. In health class, students learn about being active and eating healthy to prevent obesity. Minneapolis schools are also doing a better job on the food they are giving to students. Ms. Slade, a health teacher from Roosevelt High School, says, “I have seen efforts, even in our own school, to ban the selling of pop and junk food, and try to make school lunch healthier. Also Minneapolis schools provide breakfast and lunches for students so children are provided with well-balanced meals.” So, it is clear that schools are doing positive things so that students don’t become obese. Year by year, the school will make small changes to have healthier students.

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Throughout Minnesota, people have been doing research to prevent obesity, improve nutrition, and increase physical activity among Minnesotans. According to The Minnesota Department Of Health website, Minnesota has a long-term solution that focuses on reducing the risk of obesity and prevents people from getting a obsesity-related disease.

Further, The Minnesota Department of Health is doing surveys every three years among three populations of students in Minneapolis schools.  Students from grades 6, 9, and 12 take the survey with questions related to alcohol use, drug use, school climate, physical activities, health and more. Hopefully, The Department of Health will use the results to create more effective programs.

The Minnesota Obesity Center is another program that is doing research to prevent obesity.  According to their website, the center found that obese people can more easily lose weight than maintain the loss of weight. So, their main goal is to prevent obese people from gaining weight by using 3 main goals to help with the problem of obesity. The Obesity Center is coming up with plans to improve healthy eating, increase physical activity, and support healthy weight-promoting behaviors. The Obesity Center also does seminars to report their findings and to better educate Minnesotans.


In conclusion obesity has become to be a big problem in the U.S and in MN obesity rates have increased but with programs like “the Minnesota department of health” and the “School department” are helping to educate people to prevent and reduce obesity rates. Like when I took health in high school my teachers teached and educated me about the obesity problem here in the U.S and now I try to eat healthy to have a healthy health.