Minnesota judicial elections: Incumbents and Gail Chang Bohr, Jane Ranum


Incumbent Supreme Court justices Paul Anderson and Lorie Skjerven Gildea both won re-election by large margins, as did all other incumbent judges across the state. Gildea faced the strongest challenge, coming from Hennepin County District Judge Deborah Hedlund, whose campaign drew attention for religious issues raised in the closing weeks.

Gail Chang Bohr won the contested election for a vacant seat in Ramsey County and Jane Ranum won the vacant seat in Hennepin County. The contest between Gail Chang Bohr and Howard Orenstein was the closest vote of any judicial election, with 97,525 votes for Bohr, and 89,298 for Orenstein, according to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s web site. In Hennepin County, Jane Ranum received 186,294 votes to 155,322 for David L. Piper.