Minnesota Fringe: A few safe bets and shows of note


Safe Bets (In my mind, I think of these shows as the “missionary position” shows; everybody’s doing it, it works relatively well, nothing too crazy, you get the picture.)

Curt and Laura Used To Be Good at Gymnastics and Stuff at Gremlin. Curt and Laura have ALWAYS been good at telling funny stories. I don’t believe, however, that they have any actual gymnastic abilities, now or ever. 

SuperHappyMelancholy-expialidocious by Seth Lapore at HUGE. Welcome back, Seth! Seth is a one man army of interesting, funny characters. Very talented, very funny. Remember: you’re not as happy as you think you are.

Evil Dicks by Allison Broeren at Intermedia. Allison is a seasoned story teller and slam mistress, exploring evil and the dark sides of those who walk among us.

Mime Without a Mask at Mpls Theatre Garage. Kirsten and Dean are genius mimes. A must for all mime fans and mime-curious. Bring your kids, bring your grandparents. It’s mime, and they’re really, really good at it. (Now I’m upset that I’m suggesting you bring your grandparents to “missionary position” shows. That’s troubling, and I’m sorry I started all of this, and tell your grandparents I’m actually a nice girl, and this is good mime, and there’s actually no sex, and everything will be fine.)

Of note. The problem with calling my “safe bets” shows “missionary position” shows (something I’m already regretting) is that I then need a name for the category of shows that are good, but not everyone will like them. And then I realize I’ve started down a road I have no interest in exploring. So these shows are of note. 

Fear and Trembling at HUGE. Writer and performer phillip andrew bennett low is intense, very smart, and following his monologues could very well be an Olympic sport.  This could be the best deal of the Fringe: you’re getting about five hours of material packed in to just one Fringe slot. Contains big words used to describe graphic violence.

Something Is Wrong on the Internet at HUGE. Kelvin’s dry wit played very well in Death Perception last year. I’m looking forward to his sophomore solo show about flame wars, Internet and other.

Ivory Tower Burning by Twin Cities Daily Planet arts editor Jay Gabler at Bryant-Lake Bowl. This is Jay’s debut Fringe appearance on the stage side of the theater. He’s seen a lot of shows – we will see how that translates to his own production, a conversation between two historically important sociologists. Not to be confused with the production called simply Ivory Tower. Jay is a Sociology super geek and author of Sociology for Dummies (as a Sociology major this impresses me greatly). He has also been very nice to me during all my years blogging for Daily Planet, and has tolerated my annual First Day of Fringe Tantrum when I can’t get the blog interface to work (always my fault). He knows his stuff, he’s seen lots of stuff, his co-star is his brother, and they’re both tall and cute. Does it all add up to a Fringe hit?

Strange Dreamz with Kevin J Thornton at Mpls Theatre Garage. Kevin is back, and we’re glad to have him. Gay tattooed hottie, Kevin is raunchy, hysterically funny, vulgar and did I mention gay. With a guitar. And stunning ice blue eyes that linger not on my big browns. I think that’s on account of the boobs below. Just not his D cup of tea. Gay. And an accomplished performer worth checking out, even if he won’t be checking ME out. I’m just going to go ahead and categorize this show “doggie style.” Good lord. Kevin brings out the worst in me. It’s those eyes.