Minnesota Fringe Festival: Accidental Hero, Mary Mack, Ivory Tower Burning, The Love Show


Highlights from Saturday

I really loved The Accidental Hero at Intermedia. This is a very tight solo show detailing Patrick Dewane’s grandfather’s real involvement in the Battle of the Bulge (and subsequent action) in WWII. I was mesmerized by this story that proves that the truth is really stranger than fiction. Dewane has a fantastic stage presence and very effectively uses multimedia, including actual film footage shot by has grandfather. Excellent. Next chance to see him: tonight (Sunday) at 10.

I also loved (loved, loved) Mary Mack’s Anti One-Woman Show: Sh*t Makes Flowers Grow at HUGE.  Mary is a zany nut, and her show is not only hilarious, it’s a nice reminder that everyone has family challenges. Might as well make them funny.  Mary’s comic timing is extraordinary and this show was the highlight of my day. The last chance to see Mary herself will be Monday at 10; comic Amber Preston will be filling in for her on Saturday (which means if you’ve already seen Mary, come back for Amber!).

The Battle of the Bulge, take two: I’m just going to start off by apologizing to Jay and everybody else that my review of Ivory Tower Burning at Bryant-Lake Bowl will likely not be as useful as it could be. There are a few influencing factors here: one, that I slammed a pint of delicious Fox Barrel pear cider prior to the performance, which made me both sleepy and giddy during the show. Two, I was in the front row with nothing between me and Joe Gabler’s pants. And his enormous shoes and gigantic hands…call me, okay? NO!! Just kidding!! I’m obviously not a grown up (though I can be VERY grown up in the right circumstances STOP THAT!!) which is sad, because this is a well written and nicely performed show and it feeds into my personal interests in sociology, societal structures and human structures and, well, junk. Note that I could have made some naughty “ivory tower” remark and I refrained. Excellent work, Jay…tell your brother I say hi. Next chance to check him them out Monday at 10.

The Love Show. I was charmed. Funny stories, funny ladies, beautiful harmonies, silly songs…tons of fun. Rated PG – safe for a wide audience. I loved the Love Show. See it!! Next chance for love Monday at 8:30.