Minneapolis: What’s Standish-Ericsson’s “Big Idea” for 2013?


SENA’s Annual Meeting is coming up on Wed., Nov. 13. For the third consecutive year the annual meeting will include SENA’s Idea Auction.

Here’s how the Idea Auction works:

  1. You (alone or with a group of neighbors) think of a great idea for a neighborhood improvement project.
  2. You attend the SENA Annual Meeting and sign up to present your idea to the attendees. You have two minutes to “pitch” your idea.
  3. At least four other residents agree to help you implement your idea. If you get this support, you move on to the final voting.
  4. After all ideas are presented, those residents in attendance vote for their favorite idea. The winning Big Idea will receive up to $1,000 in implementation assistance from SENA.*

In 2012 the winning Big Idea was to create an old-fashioned holiday tree lighting event. The event was a big success and SENA will host itagain this year. The winning idea in 2011 was to build raised garden beds at the Southside Star Community Garden to make gardening accessible to people with limited mobility.

Right: 2012 Big Idea (Tree lighting)

SENA is excited to reprise the Big Idea auction, and staff and board members can’t wait to hear your ideas. If you’d like to get more information, or discuss your idea in advance, please call the SENA office at 721-1601 or e-mail office@standish-ericsson.org.

*Money cannot be used to pay for volunteer time. The winner must provide receipts or purchase orders for materials and supplies.