Minneapolis pet licenses: 5 reasons to snap ’em up


News flash: If you have pets and live in the city of lakes, you are required by law to license up. It’s an easy $25 a year for each of your furry friends — pretty affordable considering the $2,000 it could cost to be caught without one (ouch).

But licensing your pooch isn’t just about playing by the rules. There are pawtastic paybacks for you and your furry fam, especially if you take the easy-peasy (and wise!) route and buy through SidewalkDog.com. Here are just a handful of reasons you should get licensed.

Left: A licensed pup is a happy pup. (Photo: flicker.com/mikebaird)

You get rewarded. When you license up through SidewalkDog.com, we reward you (good owner!) with all sorts of goodies: free SeaMeal powder supplement from Solid Gold Northland (drool), a free full day of doggy daycare at Metro Dogs Daycare & Boarding, and a free self-serve wash or $10 off your first full-service grooming at Ollu Dog Wash & Grooming Salon. (Shout-out to our licensing partner Subaru, too!) Put together, these rewards are worth more than twice the cost of a license. Yep, Twin Cities, we love you.

Fido gets a free ride home. If your pet is found in Minneapolis, he’ll be taken directly home to you (and his comfy bed) instead of to the shelter.

And he’ll get prompt medical attention. Should your lost pooch be found injured (perish the thought), he’ll receive immediate emergency veterinary care.

Right: License up. It’s the law.

Chances are better you’ll be reunited. Licensed pets are three times more likely to return home than those who aren’t licensed, says the city of Minneapolis. SidewalkDog.com honorary pack member Deb Balzer learned firsthand the difficulty of reuniting a lost, unlicensed Rottweiler and its worried owners when she spotted him sauntering down her street. Read about her experience (complete with tail-wagging happy ending).

You help other animals, too. Licensing fees help the city of Minneapolis shelter, feed, and reunite lost dogs and cats with their owners, find homes for strays, investigate animal-welfare and cruelty cases, and teach Twin Citizens about responsible pet ownership. Winning!