Minneapolis may extend liquor store hours


A MInneapolis City Council committee last week approved a proposal that would allow city liquor stores to remain open until 10 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

If passed by the entire City Council, the move would restore the expanded hours passed last October in order to conform with a new state law. That ordinance expired June 1. The ordinance does not affect Friday and Saturday hours.

During last fall’s debate, some liquor store owners opposed the new ordinance, saying it would increase their labor costs without adding to their sales. But, prior to last week’s committee meeting, Council Member Ralph Remington told the Downtown Journal that liquor store owners should have the right to choose. ““I think it should be up to the individual store owner,” he explained. “Some liquor stores want to remain open until past 8 p.m. and some don’t. But I think they should have that right.”

The measure will be taken up Friday by the full City Council.