Minneapolis master barber applies a vintage touch to sculpting hair


Eric Blair has been a master barber for 15 years.

Tucked away in a very quiet part of South Minneapolis is a barbershop called Vintage Touch. The barbershop is owned and operated by a man who has persevered in the barbering field at a time when these shops seem to come and go like the seasons. Eric Blair has not only mastered barbering, but he has also mastered a plan of action for his business.

Born in Milbourne, Missouri, in 1965, Blair came to the Twin Cities in 1984 looking for new beginnings. In 1992, he graduated from the Minnesota School of Barbering, and his journey took on a new light. His vision was to open and own a full-service barbershop that also teaches the art of barbering.

Having come from a large family of three brothers and four sisters, he was instilled with the desire for entrepreneurship at an early age. He initially attended Dunwoody Institute and studied interior design, and he states, “That helped me become who I am today. Barbering is more than just cutting hair. You must design, sculpt and create as well as be personable with your clientele. You must keep up with current events.”

When asked about the current condition of urban youth, he stated, “It all starts at the root, just like hair. It’s based on respect. If one respects their parents, [one] can get a lot further in life. The barbershop is a good place for a teen/young adult to hang out. A lot of older cats hang out at the barbershop, and there’s a lot of good knowledge and wisdom being shared. People talk in the shop, and there are plenty of good wholesome messages.”

Blair started cutting hair in high school and has been a master barber for 15 years. “Barbering is one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever had. It allows me to meet a lot of people and see how others live — constant learning,” he states. He also tells about his Minneapolis experience, “It’s very conservative, laid back, and very clean. A good place to raise a family!”

He is the proud father of 12-year-old Dominic, who Blair says he will support no matter what his son decides to do — even if it’s not barbering.

In the future, Blair plans to go back to school and get his instructor’s license, which would allow him to teach barbering skills. His vision includes being able to increase the diversity of the clients he serves and to expand the variety of hair styles he does.

Vintage Touch is located at 4549 Bloomington Ave. S. in Minneapolis. For more information, contact Eric Blair at 612-817-1917.

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