Minneapolis celebrates oldest oak tree July 11


Seward community residents and others will have the opportunity to say goodbye to their ancient oak tree one last time on July 11. The ceremony honoring the tree will take place on the 900 block of Franklin Terrace in Minneapolis, starting at 6:30 p.m., with participants invited to bring refreshments and desserts. The tree will be removed because it has died.

A moment of silence, music, readings and opportunities to share thoughts and stories about the tree are part of the program. A bound book will also be on site for people to write messages. Various pictures and information of the tree over time will also be on display.

“We had planned to remove it in June but decided to wait after hearing concerns and inquiries from the urban forest community,” said Ralph Sievert, director of forestry for Minneapolis Parks. “Since it doesn’t pose an imminent threat to the public, we felt it was safe to delay the removal.”

The Minneapolis Park Board will consider a resolution honoring the tree at their July 7 meeting.

From “Minneapolis Park System” by Theodore Wirth

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“It’s a great opportunity to work with the neighborhood folks and my councilmembers to recognize that we had a great treasure in the heart of the city,” said Scott Vreeland, commissioner for the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board.

Minneapolis councilmember Cam Gordon hopes for a great turn out at the event.

“I hope that this event will give all of us who have appreciated this incredible old tree a fitting way to honor and celebrate it as a community before it is completely gone,” he said. “I am very impressed with the number and variety of people whose lives have been touched by our ancient burr oak.”

The celebration is being co-sponsored by the Minneapolis Park Board and local community members. For additional questions, please contact councilmember Cam Gordon at 612-296-0579 or camgordon333@msn.com.