Minneapolis 9th Ward City Council candidates answer your questions here!


Do you have a burning question you want to ask the 9th Ward City Council candidates? Here’s your chance to get a closer look and engage the candidates in a direct and unique way. Twin Cities Daily Planet has invited all the candidates to participate in an online forum where you get to ask the questions. To get started, we’ve asked the candidates to supply a brief bio, and answer the following question:

“What would be your top three priorities as a member of the Minneapolis City Council?

Read the bios that they provided, and their answers to the question, posted below in alphabetical order, and then it’s your turn to ask a question. Post your questions as comments, either using Facebook or our in-house commenting system, and the candidates will give you their replies. 

We will continue to update the site with the candidates’ information as we receive it from the candidates. Charles Curtis was the first of the 9th Ward City Council candidates to reply. We are still waiting for responses from: 


Charles Curtis

Charles Curtis’ Bio: Independent Democrat; Born and raised in a union home right here in Ward 9; Licensed attorney working for economic justice; Master’s Degree in Public Administration; Experience with public safety issues; Helps run small family business; Strong supporter of the arts; Committed to representing everyone in the Ward. For more information please visit curtisforcitycouncil.com or call us at 763.301.3806.

Charles Curtis’ Top Priorities: I’m running for city council to ensure that our neighborhoods have an independent voice that will keep our community’s best interests at heart.   

I am dedicated to investing in our local economy. As someone who has helped run a small family business, I will help small businesses succeed, so we can bike or walk to shops in our neighborhoods. I support the Carrot Initiative and Seward Co-Op’s effort to provide a new full-service healthy grocery store on 38th Street; a grocery store that will hire from the community. I support partnering with the private sector to develop 2225 E. Lake Street and ensure the Midtown Farmers Market thrives for years to come. Both of these projects are major ways to invest in our neighborhoods and simultaneously provide healthy, local food options. 

I envision a city that values its residents by providing high quality basic services. Everyone in our city benefits when we emphasis public safety, public works, economic development, and those services which protect our civil rights. I oppose the privatization of public services. We should not replace our public service ethos with a profit incentive.

The largest issue facing our species today is climate change. In everything the city does, sustainability should be a top priority. I support expanding single-stream recycling. With contract negotiations coming up with Xcel and CenterPoint, we will have a unique opportunity to advance the goals of clean, local, and affordable energy.

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