Michele redux? “Extremist” Lindsay running for State House


Is Minnesota ready for the second coming of Rep. Michele Bachmann?

A tireless opponent of gays and lesbians, staunchly pro-life, and definitely a tax hater, Judy Lindsay’s shares the passion for the kind of divisive politics that helped launch Bachmann’s career. Lindsay is the party-endorsed Republican seeking to replace retiring Rep. Dennis Ozment (R-Rosemount) in southern suburban district 37B. Her candidacy is already generating controversy in her own party: Ozment called Lindsay “an extremist” in a recent Pioneer Press interview.

What makes a fellow Republican sound a warning about one of his own? Lindsay was the campaign manager for former Rep. Arlon Lindner. Lindner made waves in the Minnesota House by such colorful gestures as a) calling the Dalai Lama a member of a cult, b) denying that gays and lesbians died in the Holocaust, and c) claiming that GLBT human rights threaten to turn Minnesota into “another African continent.” Lindsay became Lindner’s campaign manager after he was censured by the House for those statements and after he lost the endorsement of the Republican Party of Minnesota.

Lindsay was not just the dutiful servant of a nut; her resume includes some red-letter moments of her own. At a hearing on a bill to remove sexual orientation from the Minnesota Human Rights statutes, she testified that homosexuality causes higher rates of mental illness. She also cited the research of discredited homophobic researcher Dr. Paul Cameron who has said that, on average, gay men don’t live past age 42.

“The facts speak for themselves. Homosexuality is dangerous and risky. Students should not be encouraged to enter this lifestyle. They should be warned of the dangers and the facts that many individuals have successfully left the homosexual lifestyle. It is too bad their schools lie and keep this important information from them.” (ThisWeek Online, April 2004.)

“‘We are afraid of the sex pushers coming into our community and pandering to the curiosity of children and childlike adults,’ said Judy Lindsay, a Rosemount mother of three. That’s what’s happening, she said, because of Minnesota’s human rights act, which prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation.” (Saint Paul Pioneer Press, March 21, 2003)

“‘I don’t have to worry about our values being undermined’ at a private school, Judy Lindsay said recently. That includes her concerns about how evolution is taught and the Profile of Learning. When parents see that the public schools are ‘so into environmentalism and a multicultural, politically correct social agenda, they want out,’ she said. ‘I think that has caused a lot of people to pull their kids out.'” (Saint Paul Pioneer Press, February 3, 2000)

When Eastview High School decided to do a production of the Laramie Project, a play about the brutal death of Matthew Shepard, Lindsay said: “By putting on this play, Eastview High School has endorsed and is promoting the radical homosexual agenda.”
(ThisWeek Online, March 2004)

“The ‘Safe Staff’ program, despite its name, is anything but ‘safe’ for kids because it actually attempts to silence those who would protect the innocence of children. The staff is taught that some students are naturally gay and that it is a healthy lifestyle, which should be encouraged. As a result of this one-sided program, the schools endorse homosexuality and pre-adult sex, families become divided, and students’ lives and welfare are put at risk.” (Lindsay quoted at Minnesota Family Council website)