Mexican Food: In Mexico and in Corcoran


This July, my family and I traveled to the Yucatan for the entire month. After landing, we took a bus from the Cancun airport across the peninsula to the large city of Merida where we would stay for almost the whole duration of the trip. The food in the Yucatan is distinct from the rest of the food in Mexico. I enjoyed many specialties including salbutes (a snack with tortillas and turkey or chicken), Poc Chuc (meat cooked underground), conch, tentaculos de calamar y pulpo (squid and octopus tentacles), delicious marquesitas (ice cream wafers rolled up filled with a variety of ingredients — the one I tried had cheese and Nutella), chocolate drinks (made from cacao harvested in the region!) and unique Mexican helados (ice cream). But we couldn’t go to restaurants every day! Going to the grocery store became one of the most interesting activities of daily-life for us. Sometimes we bought fresh fruit at a huge public market, which was really cool. But we also went to regular supermarkets too. There were many big American brands (Coke, Cheerios, etc.) to be found at the Supermercado, but equally available were Mexican brands like Emperador cookies and LaLa milk. When we got home, we wanted to try to find the same foods we had in Mexico, and it turns out that we can find many of them right down the street at La Alborada.

La Alborada was opened in 2007 by Orlando Cruz, Sr. The store includes a grocery, a small restaurant, and a cell phone store. You can buy anything in the grocery, from walnut jell-o to cactus leaves! I really enjoyed the food on my trip to Mexico, and it’s awesome that we can get many of the same foods right in our neighborhood. The one thing missing is a marquesita stand, which would be super awesome to have around. La Alborada is an excellent place to go to buy regular groceries and authentic Mexican food.

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