Metro Gang Strike Force victim testifies


At a legislative hearing on Thursday, Terrance Frelix testified he was detained by officers from the Metro Gang Strike Force. His vehicle and the equipment in it he used to run his property management business was seized by the police officers. Frelix was later released and no charges against him or his companions were filed. However, Frelix has yet to get his vehicle and equipment back.

Adrian Ramirez was stopped by officers from the Metro Gang Strike Force after Ramirez visited his brother who lived in a house that was “known for gang activity”.

Ramirez was handcuffed, put on the ground, interrogated and told he had information and the officer wanted to know what it was. Ramirez was then taken to the Brooklyn Park police department and interrogated for five more hours. He was told he and his whole family would be deported if he didn’t give information. He finally agreed he would and was released.

In the month that followed a police officer followed him around town, stopped him and told him he would be deported because he hadn’t given information yet.

Ramirez says in July of 2008, that same officer went to Ramirez house, handcuffed him, beat him up and took his house keys. The officer then used the keys to open the home, declared he was there to search the house. A relative of Ramirez tried to close the door at the same time asking the officer to produce the search warrant. Ramirez says the police beat up one of his relatives, breaking his tooth.

Ramirez says no warrant was ever produced for searching the house. Police said they found drugs at the house, but no charges were ever filed against Ramirez. His house and his belongings were sealed. He could not even get the police to give him back his daughter’s diapers. Ramirez’ father was deported.

To this day, Ramirez has yet to get back into his home or reclaim any of his belongings.