Theater Latté Da’s “Cabaret” at the Pantages Theatre: Meh


I was really excited to see Theater Latte Da’s production of Cabaret. Their production of Aida last season was one of my favorite shows of 2013. As for the musical itself, I came across the soundtrack for Cabaret this summer, while I was listening to the Chicago soundtrack. I instantly fell in love with the music of the show. Theater Latte Da’s production of the award winning musical was not what I expected. The overall feeling I got from the show was a big meh. It felt like I was reading a pamphlet. The scenes that took place in the real world and not in the Kit Kat Klub lacked zeal. Cabaret was directed by Peter Rothstein, choreographed by Michael Matthew Ferrell, and the music was directed by Denise Prosek.

A bright spot in an otherwise dull performance was the Emcee, played by Tyler Michaels. His talent outshone most of the other actors. Tyler used the perfect voice inflections in the right spots, and he put the right amount of emotion into his songs. During his last song, he nearly had me in tears. I did not like Sean Dooley, who played Clifford Bradshaw. His acting was two dimensional and he did not make me care about his character.

The dancing was amazing. My favorite number in the show was “Money, Money”, performed by the Emcee and the cabaret girls and boys. The choreography was really well done. I enjoyed how the dancers slowly got more and more frenzied as the song went on. The way the dancers passed around the red suitcase from person to person was interesting to watch.

The set was one of the best things in the show. It had a very pretty color scheme of dusty browns and greens. The orchestra was seated on a raised platform on the stage and every member was dressed in cabaret clothes. During the scenes that did not take place at the Kit Kat Klub, a large window is lowered down in front of them. The costumes were very interesting to look at. I liked the Emcees half-man half-woman costume that he wore at the beginning of Act two. The two halves of the costume also matched the wig that he wore.

I would advise that children under the age of thirteen not attend this show because of the highly sexual content. I don’t really have an opinion as to whether or not you should see this musical. Some parts were amazing and some parts were extremely dull. If you want to see a mildly boring show with some awesome dance sequences, this is the show for you. Cabaret is performing at Pantages Theater January 15 through February 9.