Meet the new homeowners of Eco-Village


A few weeks ago, I met some of the folks who will be new homeowners in and around the EcoVillage, thanks to Habitat for Humanity. They were amazing people and we’ll be blessed to have them in our community. Then, last week, I received paper copies of the neighbors’ profiles and stories. And now I’ve learned they were posted on the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity website.

Here are the stories of just a few, from Habitat’s website:

Halima Abdi, Abdul Wali, and family

For Halima Abdi and Abu Wali, life is about balance. With three energetic young boys and their teenage niece at home, it can be hard for these working parents to find time for their own careers…(click here for the rest of their story)

Hamza Ahmed, Abdulazize Hamza & family

A room, no larger than a small office, houses four mats, four pillows, and a TV on a stand. Abdulazize, his father Hamza and two younger brothers share these four walls, which hold all of their possessions. “It’s a room to sleep,” Abdulazize says. The family of four, all boys…(click here for the rest of their story)

Drakeima Ingram, Robbie Loyde Jr., and family

Drakeima Ingram moved her family from Chicago to Minneapolis in 1995, hoping to find a better life. Since then, they have been at the mercy of bad landlords…(click here for the rest of their story)

Just reading these and finding out about the new residents we’ll have in Hawthorne gives me goosebumps. I never imagined that we’d be adding this many people to the EcoVillage and surrounding blocks all at once. Now, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering, “How do I volunteer during the first week of October for this completely transformative event?” (That IS what you’re wondering, right? RIGHT?!)

Well, I’m glad you asked. Click here to sign up for various tasks; we still need plenty of help. Or you can email Andy Barnett or Trista Matacastillo.

Once again, thanks a million to Habitat and President Carter, and to all of our new residents, welcome to the neighborhood!