FREE SPEECH ZONE | Medicaid….Just put the surviving spouse on the outside of the village and wish her/him luck.


Any ideas that I ever had about Minnesota being a liberal, close to socialist state, have long been erased.  I’m not saying socialism is a good thing.  I’m not saying anything.  I’m saying we’re not it.

Here’s the scoop.  My husband has dementia.  He’s now in a nursing home.  We’re not rich, far from it.  He’s going on Medicaid, or Medical Assistance as it is called in Minnesota.  We don’t have a choice.

I knew that MA would put a lean on my home when this happened.  They want their money back.  Sometimes, the surviving spouse is too poor and their house is worthless and MA does walk away.  But for us middle class folks?  Hmmm.  Not only will they come after my home, they will also come after my retirement funds.

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Here we are at a time when they keep saying Social Security is broken and may not be around.  I have done the prudent thing and saved for my retirement, as did my husband.  We have now gone through most of his assets.  It’s time to go on MA.  I’m a public school teacher; ergo, not wealthy.  I cannot afford the $5500 a month to care for him in a nursing home.  I can quit and not have an income, but keep him home.  OR, I can keep working, contributing to my retirement accounts with him in a nursing home, only to have the state of Minnesota come get their pound of flesh.

Not all states do this.  Some states actually protect the surviving spouses’ retirement funds.  Great liberal socialist states like Pennsylvania and Ohio….

If I hadn’t deserted the Republican Party before this (1984 I went into Republican recovery) I surely would now.  Just put me on the outside of the village and wish me luck.