Media Monitor: KTLK talker likens Obama to the antichrist


The Anti-Chris: Jason Lewis wannabe Chris Baker is again looking for attention. As Media Matters reports, the KTLK radio host has been likening the Democratic presidential candidate to the antichrist. “I’m getting really sick of being told that if I disagree with Barack Obammy, the Nicolae Carpathia candidate, that I’m a racist,” he said on his Sept. 23 show, referencing the antichrist character in the “Left Behind” series of books. While the books are wildly popular, the smear would only seem to have resonance with people who’ve read the apocalyptic series — a group likely already on the McCain bandwagon. Baker’s other look-at-me bids: In July he said the WNBA is “a place for lesbians to make out when they score,” and in April he suggested a way of dealing with RNC protesters: with machine guns.

Pro-Coleman ad “misleading”: KSTP TV puts a new pro-Norm Coleman ad through a smell test and finds: it stinks! KSTP’s Tom Hauser gives the ad, created by the National Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee, a score of D-minus, calling it “among the most misleading” ads of the season.