Mechanics won’t vote on airline proposal


Striking members of the Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association (AMFA) will not vote on the latest proposal worked out by union negotiators and Northwest Airlines.

AMFA says the airline at the last minute inserted a paragraph in a proposed new contract that would have interfered with the union’s authority to settle disputes.

“The company wants the right to decide, arbitrarily, what constitutes an infraction and what the punishment should be if they say you are not working in absolute harmony with the scabs,” the union writes in a strike update on its Web site.

Because of the change in language, AMFA says, the new contract would violate the union’s constitution “and would therefore be illegal for AMFA to approve.” Accordingly, the latest proposal will not be put to a vote and the strike will continue.

The union, which went on strike against Eagan-based Northwest Airlines on August 20, says the airline has resumed hiring permanent replacement workers starting Friday, October 21.

For the latest strike information, see AMFA’s special strike Web page: