Mayors’ group releases ad calling out Pawlenty on property tax hikes


The Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities has released a new ad criticizing Gov. Tim Pawlenty for cuts to local government aid and spiraling property taxes. Utilizing a clip from the 2002 gubernatorial contest, it calls out the two-term Republican governor for failing to follow through on campaign promises.

“You can’t run around the state and say I’m not gonna increase taxes and then cut LGA in a way that drives up local property taxes,” Pawlenty says in the clip. “I understand that. What I’m trying to convey to you is, yes we need to make sure LGA formulas are fair and yes we need to make sure they are preserved and protected. But long term, if that’s the extent of the vision, there are communities, there are towns that in fifteen years are going to be non-existent.”

As Pawlenty speaks, it’s pointed out that LGA has been cut by $782 million since Pawlenty took office, while property taxes have increased by 64 percent. The two-minute ad then features clips from homeowners struggling to pay their spiraling property taxes and small town mayors lamenting cuts to local police and fire departments.

The ad is part of the coalition’s ongoing “Thank LGA” campaign, aimed at highlighting local services paid for by the state support program. Here’s the ad: