Mayor Rybak’s Nice Ride


Mayor Rybak and Rep. Champion rode through the streets of North Minneapolis with the intention of spreading awareness of personal and community health. Several of Catalyst Community Partners members and volunteers along with dozens of residents from the Twin Cities took up bikes and peddled with the Mayor. We started out at the U of M Urban Research and Outreach/Engagement Center on Plymouth Ave. and rode to the Avenue Eatery on Emerson Ave. on West Broadway.

The event kicked off with a brief thank you and speech from Rybak about the importance of safety and community (“We have to work together to build better awareness of the needs of not only the people but the community as a whole.”) then ended about the same another photo op and thanks for all the support. While the riders had free snacks and drinks at the Avenue Eatery the Mayor and Rep. shook hands then rode off into the sunset so to speak. After resting up and making some new connections the group split off in two with half taking a guided tour of the North Minneapolis area and the rest heading back to work. Over all it was a really good time and great display of the Nice Ride bikes and community support.