Q: Who IS that? A: Marie Shea, the funniest college student on Twitter


Name: Marie Shea
Twitter: @marieshea
Website: “For now, just the Twitter. I have a Xanga from 8th grade where I detailed my quasi-erotic dreams about Jesse McCartney that can be provided upon request.”

What’s your job?
“Full time student/badass.”

Other than your job, what are your claims to fame?
“Having a disproportionately large number of Indonesians following me on Twitter. I’m pretty sure ‘Marie Shea’ is Indonesian for ‘gigantic breasts’ or something.”

What’s your relationship status?
“I have a boyfriend who’s much funnier, cooler, and smarter than I am. But he’s a ginger, so that kinda evens things out.”

Where are you most likely to be seen?
“I want to sound cool and say Triple Rock, 7th Street Entry, etc. But the truth is, you’re most likely to find me on my couch with a brick of cheese watching Arrested Development.”

Where are you least likely to be seen?
“Bars (I’m not 21), and anywhere I can’t wear a cat sweater.”

With what people are you most likely to be seen?
“I do most things by myself. I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether that’s because I’m an independent spirit or just because I’m socially inept.”

Where were you born?
“Everytime I ask my parents, they say, ‘You weren’t born; you landed. From outer space.’ I’ve also never seen my birth certificate, so I’m assuming it’s someplace embarrassing like Canada or Michigan.”

What neighborhood do you live in now?
“Just a stone’s throw from Northeast Minneapolis. That’s code for the suburbs.”

What’s your ride?
“I might be the only non-drug-dealer who drives a Lincoln Continental.”

What’s the best way for someone to start a conversation with you?
“Did they make you leave your droids outside too?”

Photo: Marie Shea in a Star Wars coloring book dress, via Twitpic.